About the origin of the necklace

- Jan 25, 2016-

Someone said: woman is the most beautiful place is the neck and chest, jewelry here, was glorified as a "Queen of all accessories". On the origin of the necklace, there are two legends.

The notion that necklace is "grab marriage" evolution of practices. Believe necklace originated from matriarchal clan to patriarchal clan transitional period of primitive society. At that time, men have dominated economically, women gradually transformed into man's client. In clans or tribal war, the winner to prevent female prisoners escape, a chain or rope tied to their necks and hands. Later, it gradually evolved into a number of local custom, when men and women officially married, to "grab" the woman received the man, then with the metal jewelry sets in the women's necks or hands, in order to be binding. Now, this to prevent women escaping the chains into necklaces and bracelets.

Another way of saying that people wear the necklace were originally to show strength and bravery. Archaeological discoveries of hundreds of thousands of years ago at Zhoukoudian in Beijing "cavemen" had been using animal bones, teeth, shells and other strings of ornaments, and red dye. Infer that the people found his blood in a fight with the beast would be tantamount to the loss of life, and teeth, sharp claws of the beast is powerful. People wear ornaments show their courage and strength and also hope and the strength and vitality of all beasts. Then gradually evolved into a chain.

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