Bracelets and bracelets need to pay attention to which

- Aug 31, 2018-

Bracelets and bracelets need to pay attention to which

Today, you want to buy a necklace or buy a bracelet, but I don't know if you want to buy a bracelet bracelet. What are the main ones? Dongguan stainless steel jewelry tells you whether you buy bracelets or bracelets from size, material, color and quality. Start.

   The size of the bracelet is determined by the thickness of the bracelet. It is too loose and too tight. The correct size is the gap between the fingers and the finger. This is best. The length of the bracelet should be well mastered when worn. It is too tight, affecting the appearance and comfort. It is too loose and will slide to the hand. The choice of hand and bracelet is the same. If your wrists are thin, don't wear too big bracelets or bracelets. This will make your wrists appear thinner. Those with thick wrists, such as bracelets and bracelets, will look thicker.

   The materials for making bracelets and bracelets are very rich. Each material has its own unique luster and texture. The choice is to choose according to your own needs and conditions. Bracelets and bracelets made of gold, white gold and silver are easy to match clothes. Jade bracelets and inlaid bracelets can be paired with traditional, formal high-end clothing. Wood, plastic, leather, glass, ivory and other fashion, casual, casual, sportswear, the effect is better.


   The bracelets and bracelets of all kinds of jewellery and jade are all colored, and the beauty of the colors is not beautiful. They are all combined and matched. When choosing bracelets and bracelets, it is necessary to see the color quality of the jewelry itself and the color of the jewelry and the color of the skin. See if the color of the bracelet or bracelet is good with clothes.

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