Common problems and solutions for hardware accessories

- Sep 13, 2018-

Common problems and solutions for hardware accessories

When there is such an elegant and beautiful hardware accessory to bring you a good feeling, do you have a moment to want to take good care of the jewelry? The following conditions are the most likely to cause discoloration and discoloration of alloy jewelry.

   1. It is easy to sweat in the hot summer, and the acid and alkali in the sweat is high, which is easy to cause corrosion and fading of metal.

   2. Sulfur dioxide in the air causes oxidative fading of the jewelry.

   3. Contact with acid and alkali, chemicals, and washing items; such as washing dishes, showering without even removing the jewelry.

   These alloy jewelry are not of high value and do not need to be maintained with expensive maintenance water. As long as they avoid acid and alkali and humid environment, they can prolong their service life. Put one or two desiccants in the jewelry box where the jewelry is placed. When not wearing it, put it in the jewelry box.

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