How to distinguish between old and fake old silver jewelry

- May 26, 2018-

one. First identify whether silverware

1) Look at the hardness: The hardness of the silverware is low, and it is easy to be deformed by force, and the imitation is harder.

2) Weight: The weight of silver jewelry is heavier than that of imitation products.

3) Look at the color: True silver is white, with a softer luster, it will turn black after a long time, imitation will not turn black.

4) Burning: Burning silver will become black and red, imitation white copper or aluminum alloy will not. Silver-plated products will reveal "natural colors" for a long time.

two. Second, identify whether there are old silver ornaments

1) Look at the degree of wear: worn old silver jewelry must be worn, the degree of wear is light or heavy, while imitation products are not worn. This is Azhu's experience and is the most important basis for identification. Imitation can imitate black rust, but can't imitate the degree of wear.

2) Look at the black rust: The black rust on the surface of old silverware is also called "padding." For a long time, the silver will turn black and can be washed off with toothpaste, while the imitation black rust can easily fall off, and it will stick on the hands. This is not an important basis, because many of the old silver jewelry was washed over or others have long been worn, so there is no black rust, but there is still degree of wear.

3) Look at patterns: Silver patterns are different in different eras and different regions. This requires some experience to identify.

4) Look at the banknotes: Generally speaking, from the silver ornaments of the old regular silver building, there are silver block numbers, but not all of them; there are also a large number of individual artists who carry the tools to take the village and create various types of products for the people of all ethnic groups. All kinds of silver jewelry, these silver jewelry does not know, the craft is still quite good, and even some silver ornaments even more sophisticated than the regular silver floor.

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