Item basics

- Jan 25, 2016-

A wide variety of necklaces, rich in style, with a strong decorative. For various types of necklaces worn properly has to strengthen its effect. When wearing a necklace, you should pay attention to the following aspects:

1) necklaces and clothing

Wear the necklace harmony and echo Echo clothing made. Such as: when dressed in a soft, elegant silk dress, wearing exquisite, delicate necklace, looks more beautiful.

2) necklaces and clothing color

Necklaces and clothing color colour contrast tint as well, so as to form a sharp contrast. Such as: monochromatic or plain clothes, wearing bright necklaces, jewelry stand out, under the jewelry ornament, color looks richer. Brightly colored clothing, wear simple simple necklace, will not be flooded with colorful costumes, and you can make the color balance.

3) jewelry are coordinated

Necklace should be the same color, the same texture combination of earrings or bracelets to wear so that you can receive the best results. If the shirt collar are two beats in a bow, best not to wear necklace, otherwise it will have a sense of burden. When you wear the necklace, note also that the necklace has a switch called convergence, the switch is equipped with uranium-type spring steel wire, not overexert when struck, preventing the spring break.

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