Mix necklaces skill learning

- Jan 25, 2016-

All are talking about mashups, clothes, shoes, bags, and even lingerie, jewelry and certainly not behind the curve. Mix necklaces metal, combined with pearls, lace, satin bows and tassels make extensive use, mix necklace looks gorgeous. Due to the mix of materials is very common, so their price is mid-range, flowers can add a unique sense of without much money.

Classic black and white alternate remix, satin metal gives a gentle temperament;

Single mix, different materials, same color, gorgeous seamless pearls and satin;

Very simple Pearl Necklace shape, is as big as the bead, because a bow or a lace flower and become different;

Complex mix, on the lace around the Pearl, plus a bow tie or a metal chain, complicated like layers of lace on her court dress;

Mix necklace was worn at the same time is not recommended to use the mashup earrings or a brooch, but alone would be sweet;

Mix necklaces are very striking, will make the match considerably, be sure to select fine, as it is truly magnificent.

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