Necklace and the neck of the coordination

- Jan 25, 2016-

If the neck is long and can be decorated with wide or short necklace, comparing results in a wealth of beauty. Long neck shape and skin are good people, you can take the two extremes: bright colors and color "cool" color gold necklace is best.

Neck short people, usually with a thin, long necklaces, it would be nice if the necklace hangs below a diamond pendant, it would have been more perfect.

Medallion in fashion this year special fit neck sizes that raw materials can be Platinum, Tibetan silver, pearls, rope, metal, jewelry, all sorts of things, called feng Jian at will, there will be one for you.

Medallion v-neck is the most fit clothing, followed by big t and are fitted with a high neck. Embarrassing is the edge of the collar and Medallion blurred, or intersect. That is more difficult to match.

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