Practice of a ring mould technology

- Jan 25, 2016-

Practice of a ring mold processes include shaping, filing, typing, printing, water inserts, holding rings, pot alum water, sandpaper, Che Mao swept the province and other steps of the process, which file gate, alum pot water, sandpaper process identical to the chain class certified mold process. Practice is ring mold process specific process steps below.

1, plastic: Ring inner ring round, shape standards. Iron ring into the ring, and ring with the hand placed upright, with the end of the hammer striking the iron ring to vibrate, check if the ring is round, iron ring inner ring and ring does not fit, then with a hammer tap ring nozzle so that the two fit. Ring Ring size is not large enough, the iron ring used to expand up to meet the Ring size.

2, type print: properly place the workpiece on the print color, stone weight, hand-inch mark. According to the print request ready to die, place the workpiece on a seal fixed on the tank and, if necessary, fire paint. Put red molded type for parts, with a hammer percussion holder for top to make it visible in the work print. With a hammer knocking when you die, to keep even. Die immovable, so as not to overlap print and obscure.

3, insert: according to the design requirements, different color accessories welding work at the appropriate location, role of decorative artifacts. Carefully with tweezers insert is placed at the specified location, and set up as required. If you have doesn't match the site, need to clamp the workpiece adjust, then insert solid welding with welding tools. After welding to check for welding, welding leakage phenomenon. K-gold and silver fittings with welded with welding. Platinum accessories require high temperatures, water welding machine welding.

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