Ring buying points

- Jan 25, 2016-

Usually have a lot of people are wearing the ring, enough rings and its degree of popular attention when purchasing rings: what factors need to be considered at some time?

A, ring styles:

First we must ring style, only to see their favorite style when they will stop and watch. Ring jewelry is a member of the most popular in the world, so ring style mix, ring color colorful ring prices vary widely, so rings are your style?

1) gender: men's and women's two. Men's rings more stout, this is due to the man's finger and body more massive, or does not match the appearance. Men's rings are representative of the style are: Navy ring, Fang Jie, diamond rings, name ring, and so on. Compared to women's styles and men's style, and relatively thin. However, there is some masculine styles are also popular with women. Ladies ' rings typical style: wire ring, small diamond Toyo, Buddhist precepts, quit.

2) from shapes: symmetric and asymmetric in two ways. Symmetric ring style: empty flower ring, diamond ring, twist ring; non-ring style: set flower ring, diamond rings, and so on.

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