Ring combination principle

- Jan 25, 2016-

Ring is matching with the watch, charm will increase principle is:

Jin Peijin, elegant and equipped with elegant, and stylish bathroom with stylish.

If you are wearing a colored gemstone, take note, long-sleeved shirt cuffs and bracelets, and watches the color match to reconcile.

If you want to overlap ring, take note ring design, and materials are in accord, line distribution lines, curve distribution curve, two rings of color and bold young are similar.

If two rings are worn on the fingers of one hand, simple model equipped with simple patterns, such as: v-ring set single diamond rings; rough ring equipped with ornate style of ring. If two fingers are worn, with the middle finger and the index finger, and middle finger and ring finger, ring must not be the index finger and the ring finger overlap, because between the middle finger, and is not coordinated.

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