Ring knowledge

- Jan 25, 2016-

Ring should not be lightly worn, wear it by custom the meaning expressed by different on each finger, this is a silent language, is also a kind of signals and signs, so wear should be carefully considered so as not to make a joke.

Generally does not wear a ring on the thumb; worn on the index finger indicated a wish to marry, unmarried; worn on the middle finger represents an existing object, in love; worn on the ring finger has been engaged or married; worn on the little finger represents celibacy or divorce. Someone with a more simple ", Oh, book, wedding, from the" five words will ring worn on the 5 fingers on the meaning and implication.

On the meaning of wearing a ring has been around for several versions of it, the more common way of saying this is: worn on the thumb towards each other, and expressed longing for love worn on the index finger, the middle finger is engaged, worn on the ring finger has been married, and worn on the little finger is single or divorced. In other countries, does not wear a ring says "flowers without master, you can catch up with me." And modern man have been less rigidly adhere to this set of rules, as long as you like, wear on which finger does not matter.

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