Ring mosaic materials

- Jan 25, 2016-

PT950 Platinum content of 95% of metals

This is a very durable of metal, jewelry finished Shang will to PT950 marked. this metal of special of at is, it has very stable of physico-chemical nature, hardness 4-4.5, melting point about 1748 degrees Celsius, in most situation Xia, resistance high temperature, resistance corrosion (except aqua regia outside), not change color. that is, Platinum gold is a very for as jewelry jewelry material of precious metals. Platinum gold of production very rare, is precious metals in the extremely rare and precious of a, Gold annual world production about for 1500 tons, Platinum gold only about 160 tons, so Platinum gold of price relative gold more expensive. because density is Datong volume of Platinum gold than 18K around of gold heavy 50%, so a ring with Platinum gold mosaic and with 18K gold mosaic, price will difference compared far Oh ~~ but PT950 because purity is high, relative will compared soft, mosaic of when if used card mosaic, method, will has off stone of potential dangerous Oh! Leezan must tell it like it is. so close in choosing a PT as mosaic material on mosaic method requires careful consideration.

PT900: Platinum 90% Platinum is the metal 90% metal, its basic properties same as PT950, difference is, relative PT950 is more dense, set relatively more secure.

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