Ring theory

- Jan 25, 2016-

Ring, little ring, beautiful and simple decorations, emotions between lovers, in the eyes of many, it is a common thing, but this little thing who carries the emotion of many simple principle, we call them "principle of ring".

Small ring-the ring noble beauty, simple mystery, glory and moving, looks attractive, like love, a lot of people are confusing the trap. Yes, prior to maturity, love is a mysterious and seductive for many people, there is nothing to fear, but that's just human unknown habitual mental, and their curiosity enough to overcome that fear.

Ring is circular, like a trap, once attached, will be caught. Many people may not like the analogy, but it's true. Love or marriage, too, once in, whether it was voluntary or forced, like falling into a bottomless pit, it takes a lot of effort.

Ring of many materials, from diamond jewelry to rice-stem weeds, style is also varied, just as many love. However, no matter what, ring is the ring, not because of its noble and decided the feelings of true and false. Similarly, love is love, not because the individuals have different status, how much you love to bring people happiness has nothing to do with money.

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