The rust phenomenon of titanium steel jewelry is closely related to these two points

- Dec 20, 2018-

The rust phenomenon of titanium steel jewelry is closely related to these two points.

   Titanium steel jewelry, also known as stainless steel jewelry, is the same as the stainless steel we see in our daily life. The difference is that it uses 316L stainless steel, which is better quality. Doesn't stainless steel not rust? Why do some titanium steel jewelry rust? It is likely to be related to two major phenomena.

              First, the raw materials used in the process of making titanium steel jewelry are not pure. In order to save costs, some titanium steel jewelry processing manufacturers use titanium steel materials containing other metal elements. Although the price is cheap, the jewelry is easily rusted due to too many impurities.

   Second, the titanium steel jewelry processing factory in the production process is improperly processed. For example, after the titanium steel jewelry has been exposed to the chemical liquid, the surface is not washed clean, and the titanium steel jewelry is easily blackened and rusted, and the seriousness may damage the skin.

            Kumquat jewelry processing manufacturers have insisted on independent design and development of jewelry for many years, titanium steel jewelry raw materials selected 316L stainless steel, no impurities, after SGS testing standards, environmentally tough, more corrosion-resistant. 18 basic production processes and 7 inspection processes, stable quality.

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