What are the benefits of wearing a sterling silver necklace

- Nov 15, 2018-

What are the benefits of wearing a sterling silver necklace?

1) The ancients said that the health and wealth of sterling silver will accompany you, and the five internal organs will calm down the mind and stop the horror. In addition to the evil spirits, there is a custom of letting children wear silver ornaments since ancient times, which is conducive to the elimination of the "fetal poison" in the body. The role of the evil spirits in the period of the singer, the Roman aristocratic family daily use sterling silver spoon to feed the baby, not only because silver is a symbol of wealth, but also that this can eliminate the disease and drive the devil, keep the child safe.

If the baby's 99 sterling silver bracelet in his hand suddenly turns black, you must pay special attention. The baby must be frightened, or there is a serious source of sulfur pollution near the baby, causing the sterling silver bracelet to mutate.

2) Silver is the best metal for poisoning. People's bodies emit some "toxins" every day. Sterling silver jewelry can absorb these "toxins". This is also the reason why some people wear silverware to cause blackening. The oxidation resistance of silverware. The persistence of luster is related to the physique of the individual. The person with good constitution will wear more and brighter. If the body is weaker and the toxin is more, the silverware may soon become black. Therefore, wearing sterling silver jewelry often helps the body. Toxins are discharged. Silverware that is plated on the surface or silverware that is not colored may not have this function. Instead, it may cause allergies due to the chemical action of the plating or excessive impurities.

3) Silver has a strong bactericidal function. The silver bowl is used to hold the water, which can ensure that the water does not deteriorate. The herdsmen on the Mongolian grassland in China have long noticed that the milk in the silver bowl is not a few days later. Will become sour. More than half of the airlines in the world have used silver water filters. The water in swimming pools in many countries is also cleaned with silver. This purified water does not stimulate the swimmer's skin and eyes like chemicals. As long as a small amount of silver is dissolved in water and becomes silver ions, it has a strong sterilization ability. Scientists have done experiments to treat 23 liters of sewage (more than 7,000 per ml of E. coli), and after 3 hours of silver electrode treatment, all E. coli died. A few gigagrams of silver can make one liter of water clean. For example, skin ulcers can also be coated with ulcers with silver ion solution, which can kill most bacteria. Modern medical research has confirmed that silver can form positively charged silver ions in water. These silver ions can adsorb bacteria on them, and the enzymes that bacteria rely on to breathe lose their function, making bacteria unable to survive. According to scientific research, the average antibiotics are average. It can only work on six kinds of bacteria, but silver can eliminate 650 kinds of bacteria. Because 99 sterling silver has strong bactericidal ability, it is known as "permanent bactericide".

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