What are the stainless steel ring wearing skills

- Dec 27, 2018-

What are the stainless steel ring wearing skills?

Stainless steel rings Many fashion people like to wear, but the stainless steel ring is a skill to wear, not casually worn, so what kind of ring is suitable for what kind of ring, it will be explained by the Kumquat Xiaobian.

Everyone loves beauty, but not every ring is right for you. As long as you understand your situation, follow the guidelines below, everyone can find a suitable one for her, the stainless steel ring wearing skills are as follows.

1, slender and beautiful hands

Any style and shape of the diamond can be elegantly matched with it. If it is a ring, with a large diamond, full and pretty; if it is a thin ring, hold up a beautiful single diamond, show off the fingers.

2, short and short hand

The simple, long, single-grained diamonds visually show the slenderness of your fingers, adding a touch of beauty.

3, thin hands

Square, rectangular and round diamonds can help to enhance the sense of solidity. If you put some small diamonds next to the main diamond, you can make your fingers look colorful.

4, petite hands

Diamonds should not be too large. The popular single-grain diamond ring is a good choice. It is simple and fresh, elegant and beautiful. Xiaojiabiyu is on the verge of pointing.

5, large and large hands

The rugged wide ring seems to be designed for this type of hand, with a large grain of apex, and an oval diamond that gives it an airy look.

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