What is the origin of the bracelet

- Jun 09, 2018-

What is the origin of the bracelet?

The more a person wears such jewelry, the more likely he is to wear more and more expensive jewelry. In fact, these brave people often like to decorate themselves with some colorful and easily recognizable bodies, such as beautiful feathers, beastly teeth, rare shells and even precious “beautiful stones” (jade stones) as symbolic symbols. To show and show off their strength and authority. Plekhanov said in "On Art": "These things were originally worn as brave, clever, and powerful markers, but only later. It was because they were brave, clever, and powerfully marked that they began to cause The sense of aesthetics falls under the scope of decorations."

It is a kind of totem worship. The sun, moon and stars, storms and thunder and lightning are all ordinary natural phenomena; but in the eyes of primitive people, these things have some magical power. Primitives live with nature from morning until evening, and are associated with the sun, the moon, the stars, the river and the flying beasts. They worship the nature that these natural worlds have given them. Over time, this material was deeply imprinted in their minds and became a totem with magical power. Their right-wingers regard it as their ancestor or protector, or treat it as a blood relative of this clan and the tribe. In the beginning, in order to make these totems able to protect themselves, they have assimilated themselves into these totems. Slowly, people integrated these totems into their jewelry and made their jewelry into the shape or shape of these totems, such as the round bracelets and rings like the sun, the full moon; birds' crowns, hair tresses, etc. Wait.

As a talisman. Engels pointed out: "In ancient times, people still did not know their physical structure and were affected by the scene in their dreams, so they came up with the idea that their thinking and feelings were not their physical activities, but they were unique. , living in this body and dying from the body's soul when it died.” The primitive people believed that everything had a soul, and that the soul had a distinction between good and evil, and that it was the good spirit that brought happiness and joy to mankind. It is evil spirits that come to disaster and disease. In order to make those evil spirits unable to be close, and at the same time to be protected by good spirits, the primitive people use ropes to put on shells, small gravel, feathers, beast teeth, leaves and fruits, and they believe that these things have a kind of The supernatural power that is invisible to the human eye can be blessed by anyone, and evil will be driven away. These things that reduced protection and exorcism later became a kind of special jewelry on the human body in the form of some decorations. Moreover, this custom and significance have also been preserved. Jewelry has also been given more beautiful sustenance and mysterious colors.

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