3 Pop Beats Ring On The Finger Fairy

- Jan 23, 2016-

Open ring

About popular ring designs, pays homage to the aperture ring must be, even jewelry flagship stores introduced a different style of ring opening. Opening both ends through a different gem or design, can be interpreted to be continued fine, or slowly close to romance, wear the feel more comfortable, unencumbered.

Finger ring

Who says on the ring can be worn on a finger? Today, finger ring design from a few finger fingers caught, collision of materials such as gemstones and pearls, that refers to the difference between. Although one began to wear are not used to, but after wearing, you will fall in love with it.


See more costume dramas of the Empress, but Empress ring also became popular. This modern style ring, an entire set of the little finger, or simply worn on the nail, looks cool fully.

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