Accessories Worn Well The Jackpot Chase Run

- Jan 23, 2016-

2016 x prizes "Golden Globe" had dropped the curtain, stars of the red carpet is always everybody's "trendy". The major stars of the red carpet, Q, I have to say "accessories to wear better" award to "Chase run"!

Gaga changed the exaggerated style of the past, lay low content. Wearing a high v-neck Versace dress her like a Medusa-like fascinating and full of magic. Of course, the shining Neil Lane diamond jewelry has become a live LOOK plus, the popular burst of Gaga, I really became the biggest winners.

On the red carpet every year, in addition to the beautiful dress, most needs is the jewelry accessories. The saying goes "accessories to wear good Awards Chase run", what has everyone on the red carpet with what? Q, I'll take you straight to the stars today Awards get government secrets.

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