Beautiful Jewelry Matching Skills

- May 31, 2018-

Beautiful jewelry matching skills

With body shape and jewelry with the body type tall thin, chest flat people, such as wearing a stack of rich patterned necklaces or a large and elegant brooch will cover the flat chest, hand ornaments should be thick lines Lord; tall people should not tightly bundle a short necklace in the neck, that will highlight your tall body.

Small and slim women are suitable for wearing small and concise jewellery. Never avoid necklaces, earrings, brooches, bracelets, and belts. Neck and hand accessories are best avoided, try wearing some earrings, rings and hair accessories, and are suitable for small and exquisite. If you must wear a necklace, you should choose some fine metal chain, it is appropriate to wear without falling.

Obese women with oversized breasts should choose a necklace with a long hanging pendant and a length of about 60-70 centimeters. This will create a “V” pattern on the chest, which will make it to a certain extent. Body appears slim.

The lady who wears glasses should pay attention to the lining of the jewellery. Be careful, because no matter how plain your glasses are, the glass always shines. Therefore, it is best to wear only a pair of clean earrings or a bracelet. Must not wear earrings, but also wear necklaces, bracelets, brooches and so on. If your cheekbones are tall, then the earrings should be small, preferably bead-shaped or round, so that the facial contours appear softer.

People with mediocre and unattractive facial features should focus on distracting people's attention when selecting accessories. If they wear a necklace that is eye-catching and equipped with large hangings, this will work well. . People with imperfect noses and chins should not choose to wear large and colorful earrings because they will highlight the weaknesses in this area.

In short, people with short faces should wear long necklaces, square face-shaped persons should wear beautifully curved long earrings and longer necklaces, long-faced persons should wear large round earrings and shorter necklaces, sharp face-shaped persons should wear sagging Large round earrings, the top wide under the face-shaped ear ornament is not easy to be small, the necklace should not be long, should not be thick should not be thin, thin, long neck people should wear a shorter necklace or a combination of multi-layer necklace.

There is not much to equip with jewelry, one or two pieces are delicate decoration and embellishment, and more than three pieces are vulgar. Remember that jewelry is just an embellishment that is used to adjust the dress and make it more in tune with the temperament that you want to show.

Black-skinned people should not wear white or pink gemstones, so as not to contrast strongly, and make the skin look darker. However, the use of crystal stones such as topaz and topaz can play a role in lightening the skin.

People with whiter skin can choose metal jewellery, beaded jewellery and shellfish carving jewellery. These jewellery matches with pure white skin and has a beautiful and quiet feeling. However, if the skin color is too white, it is not appropriate to wear diamond jewelry or crystal jewelry, which will make the skin color more pale.

For people with slightly yellow skin, choosing platinum jewelry, silver jewelry, and ivory jewelry are appropriate. They can add elegance to the user's appearance. Other jewelry that chooses green stones, or colored ball jewelry, is also very temperament. But try not to choose red or yellow jewellery, which will make skin color darker and lose its charm.

People with yellowish skin color should choose red and orange jewelry, and use warm colors to enhance the blood gas of the wearer to reduce the morbidity that may appear easily.

Women with longer necks and better skin are suitable for grooming with wide collars. They can even be entwined with several pieces to create a rich and layered aesthetic. People with short necks can be very beautiful if they don’t have a particularly round face to wear thin collars.

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