Black Silver Ring Do

- Jan 25, 2016-

DIY: Silver silver jewelry is often black, although cleaned regularly, but also trouble. I teach you in cleaning silver to prepare a transparent bottle of nail varnish, upon completion of the cleaning air duct blow dry silver jewelry, then to clean silver coated with nail polish. Of course, some styles of jewelry is not appropriate. And has an inlay of had better not do so.

With a silver polishing cloth. Slightly oxidized silver rings can use a silver polishing cloth direct maintenance.

If the above method does not resolve your problem, the following methods are presented with damage such as corrosion, polished, and themselves as appropriate.

1. professional wash silver wash.

2. jewelry store with a polishing machine (no Platinum plating suggestion, plating Platinum polished rear oxidation is gone)

3. toothpaste and a toothbrush to scrub.

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