Crystal Bracelet "number" On Behalf Of The Meaning Of

- Jan 23, 2016-

Representatives of the different kinds of Crystal has a different meaning, has a different function and efficacy. Similarly, representatives of the crystals also have different meaning. Normally we would choose for a bracelet to wear, wearing a Crystal is often to a wrist circumference to determine, ultimately fit him best. Wear the bracelets may not be too many, too much Crystal magnetic fields add up will affect the Crystal spirit, resulting in a certain degree of disorder.

Round Bead Bracelet granules full, smooth and moist by the people like and wear bracelet details you will find that most were 14, 18, 21, 27, 36, 42, 54, 108.

14:14 representing the goddess of fearless.

18: representing 18 (six, six senses and six General), fan was 18, and when Wu turned 18.

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