How To Identify True And False Jewelry, So That You No Longer Spend Money

- May 22, 2018-

S925 is a symbol of the silver content of silver products, and 925 silver is a jewelry made of raw material silver containing 92.5% of silver. Because of the strong chemical reaction of pure silver, it is easy to darken and darken, and the 925 silver processed by special processes is improved.

925 silver processing technology and pure silver, its brightness and luster is closer to platinum, hardness is better than pure silver, so the 925 silver material is widely used in jewelry.

Note: The hardness of silver is 2.5 to 3, making it easy to draw flowers. Please do not wear any silver jewelry while playing in the sea bath. Because the salt in the sea water will erode silver and make it lose its luster.

How to deal with blackened silverware?

When the surface of the silverware is lightly corroded and appears slightly discolored, it can be gently wiped with a detergent or a hotter, medium-sized soap, first brushed with a soft-bristled brush, and then wiped with a full-wool terry cloth, and the silverware will appear. The original light.

Test authenticity

Many buyers at the time of purchase will have a certificate for us, but there is still no sense of security. So we can see from the color. The higher the purity, the more white the silver, the surface of the jewelry looks bright and shiny. If it contains lead, the jewellery will appear grayish; if it contains copper, the surface of the jewellery will appear rough and the color will not feel moist. Verify that the main stone is true and false

In fact, the main stone mainly depends on the precious stones that we set in. Different methods for identifying the main stones are different. However, natural formation and artificial production is completely different, such as Hibiscus stone permeability, crystal texture round, color and hibiscus flower is generally delicate, it is restrained and soft, but not too much publicity.

999 silver

The silver in the 999 silver jewelry can be called pure silver. The content is the number behind the metal symbol. 999 is 99.9% (silver #3).

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