How To Match Jewelry

- May 29, 2018-

Jewelry can add confidence and charm to the wearer. The magical effect of embellishment can not be underestimated. It is the favorite of female friends. Here we share some jewelry matching techniques for reference.

Jewelry and clothing.

- It is said that the color of agricultural clothing, such as black, blue, red, green, coffee and other colors, with light-colored accessories. Conversely, light-colored clothes are embellished with brighter accessories. White jewelry is extremely suitable for any color of clothing.

If the style of clothing is simple and the colors are simple, wearing some accessories will make the clothes even better. If the clothes are complex in style and colorful in color, they are superfluous with ornaments.

Jewelry should adapt to the occasion.

In the evening with more formal evening dresses to participate in the banquet, bright colors can be used to dazzling jewelry, to avoid being too simple and simple, such as necklaces, hand-sleeping style should be dignified, earrings with long vertical shape is preferred. Corsages and evening gowns are not very suitable, but if it is a dress, cell flowers are very charming. In addition. When wearing gloves during a formal dinner, don't wear rings and scorpions on gloves.

In peacetime, jewelry is as simple and simple as possible. The jewelry is all over the place, swaggering and glittering will only give people a bad impression.

Jewelry should be coordinated with skin tone

Those with dark skin may wish to wear silver and white ornaments to make them look elegant. For those who have white skin, they may choose huyu, jasper, gems, and weak jade so that they can show noble and generous temperament. Of course, white and colored jewelry are better for people with white skin.

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