Long-term Wear Of Titanium Steel Jewelry Will Not Make Human Skin Allergies

- Dec 05, 2018-

Long-term wear of titanium steel jewelry will not make human skin allergies

Titanium steel is actually a type of what most people call, and its composition is not titanium. The titanium steel jewelry produced by Hengda Xin has the characteristics of toughness and corrosion resistance, and the product looks smooth and bright. It is a kind of steel that is harmless to the human body, and its model is stainless steel 316L. At present, we cooperate with many jewellery brands at home and abroad, and each batch of products will have a qualified SGS international testing standard certificate (nickel content <0.02). ISO9001 certified company. Titanium steel jewelry is not allergic.

Why are some titanium steel accessories on the market that can make people allergic?

Let me talk about the most common allergic phenomenon. The skin is allergic to the metal contained in the jewelry. Nickel is allergic to the skin. The skin appears red, itchy, and severe blisters appear.

Now let's talk about why allergies occur:

First, there is a big reason for this and the raw materials used. The raw materials are not pure, the impurities are many, and the nickel content exceeds the standard (>0.5), allergies will occur. Therefore, foreign trade order customers require that each batch of titanium steel jewelry must have a product inspection certificate.

Second: related to product plating. Nickel is widely used in electroplating processes because it is relatively inexpensive and has anti-corrosion properties, which increases the brightness of the surface layer of the product. With the popularity of K gold and rose gold jewelry, many titanium steel jewelry surface colors need to be electroplated to complete. The titanium steel jewelry produced by Hengda Xin is made of nickel-free electroplating in environmentally friendly vacuum gold furnace. It is not allergic. The product can pass the salt spray test for 72 hours and the artificial sweat test standard of 48 hours. That is to say, as long as the quality of titanium steel jewelry is good, the quality is high, there is not much impurity and chemical substance blending, it will not be allergic.

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