Military Outdoor Sports Stainless Steel Buckle 7 Core Paracord Survival Bracelet

- Jul 06, 2016-

Basic Info
  • Model NO.: P8200

  • Style: Survival Bracelet

  • Size: 23cm

  • Package: Contact Us

  • Origin: Dongguan, China

  • Material: 7 Core Rope

  • Color: 7 Colorful Color

  • Trademark:OB jewelry

  • Specification: SGS, CE

  • HS Code: 7117900000

Product Description
Military Outdoor Sports Stainless Steel Buckle 7 Core Paracord Survival Bracelet

Chain length: Steel buckle standard length 23cm [men] belt buckle.
The whistle button 25cm, ordinary buckle 23cm Bracelet width of about 2cm
Emergency escape Bracelet description
This leisurely bracelet can be as you need a quick dismantling, into a 3 meters of the life-saving rope.
This product is made of high quality nylon chain buckle and catch seven corerope prepared, pure handmade fashion beautiful, is suitable for daily wearbracelet jewelry, prominent your outdoor player, when necessary, can be opened as a rope (umbrella rope ca. 3.5 mm in diam., Dan Shengcheng waspulling in about 260 kg), usually worn on the wrist, convenient fashion, small Dongdong use, the critical moment will come in handy.
The quality of it:
The quality of military products, exported to Europe and America, all hand-made, perfect quality, mountaineering and other activities necessary oh. A large number of the spot, can be customized.

Material description: This umbrella rope as pure nylon rope, the inner core of 7 core material is different from the ordinary umbrella rope, the ordinary umbrella rope material for polyester and polypropylene, with color [silk], also known as nylon nylon, wear-resistant anti-aging, than ordinary umbrella ropestrong, color is white, can be dyed. No silk, bright colors, so pure nylon umbrella rope without camouflage.
The parachute instructions: This rope is colorful section dyed into the colorfulsegment dyeing is an umbrella rope sections staining, need to stain 7, so there are 7 color, nylon itself cost than the ordinary umbrella rope, plus todyeing, dyeing can shorten about 15% [100 meters only after dyeing there are 85 meters, so the nylon rope than general umbrella rope strong closer], so the price is much higher.
How to identify: The ordinary umbrella rope for polyester and polypropylene, colorful umbrella rope is nylon, nylon color, has the common umbrella rope is not up to the brightness, nylon burning pungent odor, the ordinary umbrellarope burn a little odor, not pungent.
Special note: This paragraph for dyeing the parachute, inventory is not much, if the demand for large, need to produce time + staining time is about 7 days, a few general players take both spot.
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