Wearing A Pair Of Annular Earrings Make "old" Jewelry Into New Fashion

- Jan 23, 2016-

Fashion is constantly changing, popular element returning shows are always a very natural thing, jewelry styles, too. Spring and summer of 2016, once popular in the 70 's Hoop Earrings, back in fashion. Exaggerated circular earrings, hanging cheeks, trendy but also more than a cosmetic face.

Tips 1:Hoop Earrings are simple and exaggerated styles, but you can call it yijianbai take jewelry, regardless of any style can mix, presenting diverse sense of fashion.

Tips 2: of the 70 Hoop Earrings, often exaggerated of round, style in 2016, will gain some sense of geometry, such as adding a line or two round on circular intersection design, a new interpretation of a diversity of Hoop Earrings.

Tips 3: Hoop Earrings bigger is not better this season, medium or small earrings, likewise became the fashionable style is the best choice.

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